Marcy Milks
Artist, Designer and Photographer


My journey started in Buffalo, New York where I spent most of my youth drawing and painting. My passion for visual expression led me to enroll at the University of New York at Buffalo, where I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts. During my studies, I explored various disciplines including painting and photography. In my junior year, I participated in an exchange program at the University of Kent at Canterbury where I studied philosophy and started taking Muay Thai classes.

While I was in high school, I developed a love for travel and I took my first trip to Europe with a group of students. I was able to see Renaissance art first hand, take photographs and experience different cultures. Since then, I have driven across the United States twice, traveled to over 50 countries and lived overseas three times.

In 2002, I moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute. Shortly after my classes began, I changed from painting to sculpture and started to create a new body of artwork.

After receiving my MFA, I continued my studio practice and I also began a career in graphic design. Both avenues developed over the following years and by 2008, I had my first solo show in Brooklyn and I moved up to the level of Senior Designer.

In 2009, I landed a job as an Art Director at an agency in Wellington, New Zealand. Following hours of visa paperwork, tests and pairing down my belongings, I was designing new visual identities and taking Muay Thai classes once again. After two years of seemingly permanent sideways rain, I moved to France with all my belongings in two suitcases and a camera bag. I started in Nice and then moved to Paris, where I did freelance design work, taught English and spent hours walking the streets taking photos.

Since getting a Carte de Résident was unlikely, I moved back to Brooklyn in 2012. I quickly picked up where I left off and joined an in-house creative group. While doing graphic design, I also led a small team, spearheaded tech-based initiatives such as adopting 3D software and using NFC technology at events, and took photographs for the brand library.

One morning, while I was on a train traveling to Washington, DC to direct a photoshoot, I came to the realization that the small narratives that I had been exploring in my artwork were too limited. I wanted to portray the complexity in relationships that I had witnessed during my travels. I came up with the idea for a large-scale installation, titled The Population, which will eventually consist of 20,000 small, individual figures. Since traditional sculpting methods seemed inadequate for the project, I taught myself how to use a handful of modeling programs and began 3D printing the figures in nylon plastic.

Over the past few years, I’ve participated in three artist residencies, one in France, one at a maker’s lab in upstate New York and one at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. During all three, I focused on my ongoing art project. While I am constantly sculpting new figures or creating jewelry, I continue to work as a graphic designer and it’s not uncommon to find me wandering the streets of Brooklyn with my camera.